AIDP, Inc. Announces an Exclusive Agreement to Distribute Alfalfa protein -Luzixine™

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AIDP, Inc. Announces an Exclusive Agreement to Distribute Alfalfa protein -Luzixine™
AIDP, Inc. (City of Industry, CA), is pleased to announce an exclusive agreement to distribute Alfalfa Protein – Luzixine™, a concentrated extract of alfalfa (Medicago Sativa), developed by L-RD, ( France). LUZIXINE™ is a vegan and 100% natural superfood rich in omega-3 offering many possibilities for nutraceutical formulations. It has a high protein concentration of 54% compared to non-concentrated alfalfa at just 20%. It contains all the essential amino acids and has a high digestibility around 70% and 85%. It also provides standardized vitamin content. LUZIXINE™, has been shown to have high levels of bioavailable iron and folic acid. It has also been shown to be beneficial for the growth of adolescents and children. It is a highly sustainable product since it prevents soil erosion due to its root system, protects biodiversity, and contains a very rich microfauna and macrofauna that can be up to 100 times higher than wheat. It is sourced and manufactured in France.
“AIDP is excited to be the exclusive supplier of the Luzixine™ for the Americas,” said Mark Thurston, President AIDP. “Luzixine can be used in a wide range of deliver formats including capsules, powders and beverages. It is a great compliment to our other plant proteins and provides customers a unique product for combination protein products.”
“We are thrilled to be working with AIDP, Inc. to promote and market Luzixine™.”said Alice Prevoteau, business developer of L-RD “AIDP’s expertise in both the plant protein market and supplement category, made them the perfect partner for our product. “


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