New Solutions for Heart Health 

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Heart Health Month is in full swing and with Valentines day just passing, who isn’t thinking about hearts.  February highlights the importance of hearth health.  AIDP is proud to offer a unique approach to heart health through proven ingredients. 

CoQ10 plays an important role in heart health.  The heart requires a tremendous amount of energy supplied by CoQ10, which declines as one ages.  This decline can lead to adverse effects of heart health such as increased blood pressure and cholesterol levels.  Interestingly, CoQ10 is optimized when combined with a fat-soluble ingredient like Vitamin D.  We know Vitamin D3 is preferred over Vitamin D2.  In addition, it is often recommended to adopt a plant-based diet or reduce consumption of animal products.  Hence our plant-based VegD3® is the perfect combination with CoQ10 for heart health. 

Garlic, another plant-based product, has historically been used to manage cardiovascular health in the Indian culture.  AIDP’s new product, Galzac® is an odor free aged black garlic extract with strong clinical support.  Garlzac is highly concentrated, free flowing powder, free of solvents and excipients.  AIDP also offers garlic based ingredients as well.   A clean approach to heart health!


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