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After the BIG food holiday, we’re thinking about our interesting ingredients for the food & beverage markets. AIDP focuses on two segments of ingredients.  The first is our research backed, clinically supported branded ingredients. These provide unique functions for those interested in the intersection of food and supplements. The second segment is clean, ingredients that provide unique functionality to products. Here are our top performing ingredients within each of these segments.

Select Branded Ingredients—All of these products have GRAS status


Magtein® is the only bioavailable magnesium brain health ingredient that effectively crosses the blood-brain barrier improving brain function for memory, sleep, stress and cognition and it’s supported by proven science, has higher repurchase rates and over 30,000 5-Star Amazon reviews. Magtein® is also easy to use in a broad range of applications.


PreticX® is a non-digestible, low dose XOS prebiotic.  PreticX is shown to boost the levels of beneficial Bifidobacteria that can recondition the gut which could lead to better metabolic health and benefits to weight management. Due to the small dosage required, PreticX is well tolerated and suitable for children and adults.PreticX is slightly sweet and may help modulate GI in food products. 


Actazin®, derived from New Zealand green kiwi, contains a number of bioactive nutrients

that effectively and gently support digestion and the laxation process. The bioactives include

actinidin, which enhances protein digestion.  This is a natural product ideal for protein rich powders to ease digestion and constipation. 


Other branded GRAS ingredients suitable for food & beverage include:  Turmacin™, Livaux®, BeautyOLIGO, Puremune™, AlphaGOS®. 

Select Prime Food & Beverage Ingredients


Our highly successful organic, vegan D3 is suitable for juices, dairy products and all kinds of functional foods.  Highly sustainable as it is derived from algae.  Stable, neutral taste and easy to use in a wide range of products. 


Our alginates from Europe, are naturally occurring polysaccharides produced from brown algae.  This plant-based alternative is highly effective as a thickening agent, gelling agent, emulsifier, stabilizer or moisture retainer for a wide range of applications. 


The newest member of our prime food & beverage ingredients is Baobest, a baobab powder.  This has gained a lot of interest quickly since the Baobab fruit is wild harvested, and naturally dehydrates in the pod requiring no additionalheating. A truly sustainable product. It is anexceptional antioxidant/polyphenol compared to other superfruits with an ORAC value of 21,000. This highly potent prebiotic is composed of unique fiber which is 2x more potent than inulin. It has a naturally sweet flavor, increases satiety, lowers glycemic response, and provides other multiple health benefits. 


AIDP offers a wide range of pea proteins, mushroom powders and a complete line of vitamins and minerals. 


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