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Active Lifestyle

Sports Nutrition continues to evolve.  Now over 88% of delivery formats for sports nutrition and weight management are beverages, bar or gels.  The category is a robust $62.9 billion according to a recent NBJ report. The fitness industry, which includes gym memberships and digital options saw revenue decline by 32.45% in 2020 but rebounded to 0.55% pre-pandemic levels at the end of 2021.  The online and digital fitness industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 33.5% from 2020-2027. 

 We see several trends and opportunities in this space. 

  • The Baby Boomer effect
    • Baby boomers started the golden age of health, with celebrities such as Jane Fonda, Richard Simmons, Kathy Smith & Frank Shorter.  Joggers went from 100k in 1968 to over 10 million by 1978.  Interestingly, a decade later, knee surgeries rose.  We see sports nutrition targeting an older population as a white space.  Improved cardiovascular and respiratory health are opportunities for solutions. 
  • Clean label & plant-based solutions
    • The body-builders and teenage boys who grew the whey protein segment have now given way to many vegetarian and vegan lifestyles requiring a new set of proteins.  Athletes are seeking more plant-based proteins and clean label energy solutions.  Witness the rise of Celsius energy drink and the plethora of all natural electrolyte drinks entering the market. Vegetarian and vegan sports ingredients are likely to continue to rise. 
  • Recovery is key
    • There has been a shift from “pain reduction” to improved recovery.  Recovery now takes on a more holistic approach to sports nutrition.  Consumers not only want pain reduction, but the ability get back quicker or go a bit longer. 
  • Gym rats look a little different.
    • The benefits of lifting weights are now mainstream. Women during menopause are encouraged to lift weights to counter act natural occurring bone loss.  Golfers and non-impact sports players have also been lifting weights for improved endurance.  Products targeting muscle integrity and strength are likely to have consumer interest.

Here are our recommended active lifestyle solutions:

  • ,clinically supported, water soluble extract from turmeric for recovery
  • Plant proteins
  • , a DGL extract, nitric oxide booster
  • , plant based collagen alternative
  • , clinically supported collagen for reduced knee pain
  • , for improved focus and motivation
  • clinically supported bone collagen for improved strength. 
  • patent pending green coffee extract & curcumin for recovery
  • ,derived from New Zealand boysenberries for respiratory support


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