A Prebiotic for Bloating

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Actazin® green kiwi powder, is a whole food prebiotic and enzyme.  The unique compounds found in Actazin can alleviate the feeling of bloating.  Bloating is a common problem among all ages and genders.  It can also be a symptom of other conditions such as constipation or other digestive issues.  Consumers of products for detox, constipation, stomach pain and even weight loss all benefit from bloating relief.  Some common remedies for bloating include reducing fatty foods, keeping hydrated, engaging in moderate exercise and consuming a natural remedy, such as Actazin.  This New Zealand green kiwifruit powder, Actazin®, is naturally FODMAP-friendly. Actazin with its multiple key bioactives supports digestive health through various mechanisms:

Actinidin, a proteolytic enzyme naturally found in green kiwifruit, enhances the digestion of proteins in the stomach and increases the rate of stomach emptying. This helps reduce the feeling of fullness, bloating and discomfort after a protein-rich meal.

Clinical studies have shown that Actazin improves bowel regularity, providing relief from constipation, and supporting gut motility to keep things moving along.

Actazin contains potassium which can also help to balance out the sodium levels in the body to relieve bloating from excess salt.   Actazin’s complex kiwifruit dietary fiber is slowly fermented by the good gut bacteria along the length of the colon.  Click here for a sample for more information.


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