AIDP, Inc. Is Pleased to Announce a New Health Canada Claim for Puremune™ from Immudyne Nutritional.

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AIDP, Inc. (City of Industry, CA), is pleased to announce Puremune™, a branded insoluble yeast beta-glucan from Immudyne Nutritional (Jacksonville, FL), has secured a product license from Health Canada indicating it as a source of yeast beta glucan with immunomodulating properties at just 30 mg per dose. PureMune is sourced solely from the United States and manufactured in an FDA-registered facility. PureMune has a unique structure allowing improved immune modulating properties. PureMune offers a low effective dose of 30 mg, for easy combination with other immune supporting ingredients. In comparison, other baker’s yeast beta-glucans are typically dosed between 250-500 mg in adults. Thus, Puremun’s dose is around 1/10th compared to other baker’s yeast beta-glucans.

Health Canada is the department of the Government of Canada responsible for national health policy. Other countries often rely on the due diligence of a Health Canada claim.

The immune health category continues to grow and expand into unique delivery formats, including functional foods and beverages. With FDA GRAS status, Puremune can be used in a wide variety of product formats and the low dose provides unique formulation flexibility. Organic forms are also available upon request.

“Securing a product license from Health Canada requires an extensive amount preparation.” said Mark Thurston, President AIDP. “Given the expansion of the immune segment and the uniqueness of Puremune, we are confident our customers can leverage this new Health Canada Claim.”

“We are very pleased with the Health Canada development”, stated Mark McLaughlin CEO of Immudyne Nutritional. “Moreover, our team anticipates that in the very near future, we will be able to show new, impactful scientific data to further strengthen Puremune’s position.”


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About Immudyne Nutritional
Immudyne Nutritional is a 35-year-old company headquartered in Jacksonville Florida. Immudyne Nutritional operates a state of the art, FDA-registered manufacturing facility in Pensacola Florida. PureMune™ is produced under pharma-like conditions, allowing for the best economy of scale pricing.

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