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Women’s Health Lifestage Solutions

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Women’s supplement products have been growing steadily.  The key trends driving this dynamic are more acceptable conversations likely due to social media, an increased number…

Tips for Choosing the Right Vitamin D

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Vitamins are the largest segment in the supplement industry posting just under 30% or $18 Billion, according to a recent NBJ report. In a recent…

A Prebiotic for Bloating

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Actazin® green kiwi powder, is a whole food prebiotic and enzyme.  The unique compounds found in Actazin can alleviate the feeling of bloating.  Bloating is…


AIDP, Inc. Announces A New Magtein® Human Clinical Published Study in Nutrients

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AIDP, Inc. (City of Industry, CA), is pleased to announce the clinical study publication “A Magtein®, Magnesium L-Threonate, Based Formula Improves Brain Cognitive Functions in…