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New Findings on Biphosphonates Have Consumers Seeking Natural Solutions for Bone Health Issues

Los Angeles, CA (June, 2011) – The latest news suggesting a link between long-term bisphosphonate usage and bone fractures have raised tremendous concern among patients, health care professionals and the public. Biphosphonates, the commonly prescribed drugs for Osteoporosis, were found to be closely associated with “atypical femur fractures,” in a scientific report from the American Society of Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR) Task Force. The 2010 ASBMR Task Force study ,examined 310 women who suffered a specific type of “atypical femur fractures” and found that 94% of those women were taking biphosphonates, many for a duration of 5 years or more1. This news has the millions of American women who suffer from bone health issues scrambling to find safe alternatives for their bone health concerns.

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